Contributing to the library

Contributions are always welcome whether they come in the form of providing a fix for a current issue, reporting a bug or implementing an enhancement to the library code itself. Pull requests (PRs) will be reviewed and collaboration is encouraged.

To make a contribution via a PR, follow these steps:

  1. Make a fork of the GitHub repo and clone your fork locally:

    $ git clone<your-username>/edo.git
  2. Install the library in development mode. If you use Anaconda, there is a conda environment file (environment.yml) with all of the development dependencies:

    $ cd edo
    $ conda env create -f environment.yml
    $ conda activate edo-dev
    $ python develop
  3. Make your changes and write tests to go with them. Ensure that they pass and you have 100% coverage:

    $ python -m pytest --cov=edo --cov-fail-under=100 tests
  4. Push to your fork and open a pull request.