Citation instructions

Citing the library

Please use the following to cite the library:

    author = {{The EDO library developers}},
    title = {edo: <RELEASE TITLE>},
    year = <RELEASE YEAR>,
    doi = {<DOI INFORMATION>},
    url = {<DOI INFORMATION>}

To check the relevant details (i.e. RELEASE TITLE, RELEASE YEAR and DOI NUMBER) head to the library’s Zenodo page:

Citing the paper

If you wish to cite the paper, then use the following:

    title = {Evolutionary dataset optimisation: learning algorithm quality
             through evolution},
    author = {Wilde, Henry and Knight, Vincent and Gillard, Jonathan},
    journal = {Applied Intelligence},
    year = 2020,
    volume = 50,
    pages = {1172--1191},
    doi = {10.1007/s10489-019-01592-4},